Some things in life require saving; including your money Larry Jacobs – Editor of Tradersworld Magazine.sept 10, 2012

It has been said that some things in life are worth saving; from memories, works of art, to a great book. However the information acquired to make informed investment decisions, and the software tools to track and analyze current the current market such as your eSignal settings, third party add-ons and brokerage links are critical to successful investing. Acquiring, accumulating and having immediate access to this data can mean the difference between a well timed profitable investment or a profitable opportunity lost. This data requires being not only saved but securely saved and protected from unintentional or accidental loss. The data stored on your desktop, notebook, or mobile devices are all vulnerable to:


  • hardware failures
  • virus or malware attacks
  • equipment being lost or stolen
  • human error accidental deletion

All of which happen more than you can imagine and most of these events have the same result; critical trading data lost forever. Well, Tradersworld has come across some information we think you would like to know as an FYI tip.

Tradersworld has many contacts throughout the industry and one of them that we have been doing business with for over 7 years, Computer Warranty Services, gave us some interesting information. They have come out with an offering on Unlimited backup and storage through their cwsSecuredrive division that they wanted to share with us as it is such a great product and a one time chance to pick this up at way below the cost of Carbonite or Mozy plans and with features such as direct backup for Smartphones and Tablets which the others do not have and at a cost that is lower then the pricing for laptops and desktops offered by the two mentioned.

I am writing about this as it is a great fit for eSignal users and those that follow eSignal and Tradersworld publications. Both our companies want to keep our readers informed to the industry’s latest offerings that save time and money for you as well as protect your critical information. If you would like to take a look at this go to: and form your own opinion, we certainly liked it enough to pass it on to eSignal readers.