Backup Info

Backup info

Online Backup is not the same as Online Storage CWSSecuredrivePlus® Offers Both!   Only CWSSecureDrive/Plus® offers both data protection services, and online backup and storage in one affordable package.

Online Backup:

  • Copies data (text, photos, videos, music) of a computer hard drive or smart phone or tablet storage, (mobile device)
  • Keeps data in a remote backup file until the next backup
  • Additional space can be added at any time
  • Changed data files replace previous data files
  • Retains changed and deleted data files for a defined time period
  • Expiration of defined time period, permanently deletes data files
  • Online backup service does not free up space on a computer hard drive, or mobile device

Online Storage:

  • Storage retains user saved files
  • Storage does not retain user deleted files
  • CWSSecureDrive/Plus® includes 512GB of online storage and unlimited backup space.
  • Additional storage may be purchased in units of 512GB
  • Major benefits of online storage:
  • Free-up storage space on computer hard drive or mobile device
  • Store infrequently used data files
  • Online storage reduces the risk of files being:
  • infected with virus or malware
  • accidentally deleted or copied over
  • Maximizes computer or mobile device performance
  • Online storage data files are internet connection accessible
  • Access is available to:
  • Review or share data files
  • Make document changes
  • Build photo slideshows, video, or music play lists
  • Stream content to any internet connected device