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CWS Data Centers

Scalability to suit your growing data backup requirements


As businesses continue to drive for growth and manage costs, they are challenged to respond to an unpredictable economic climate, escalating levels of regulation, technological advances and ever greater volumes and complexity of data that businesses need to rely on.

In the face of change, companies look for flexible and scalable ways to manage ICT infrastructures, without compromising on security and reliability.

Managing risk and regulation

Increasing levels of regulation are making significant demands on how companies store and manage their growing volumes of data. Taking advantage of colocation facilities in an advanced data centerprovides high levels of security, helping you meet changing requirements for compliance and data protection.

Professional data centers can also help you address new corporate responsibility requirements around sustainability by delivering efficient power and cooling with minimum environmental impact.


Reducing costs

Enterprises are challenged to reduce capital and operating costs.

Growing enterprises must either build new data center space in-house to accommodate greater demands, or support redundant space that allows for growth.

Third party data centers allow you to pay for the space you need and scale only as required. The costs of security and data center technology are shared with your colocation partner, while costs are further reduced by innovations in efficiency, such as advanced power management.

CWSSecureDrive is a leading provider of state-of-the-art carrier-neutral and cloud-neutral data center backup & storage. There are 32 data centers in 13 cities across North America and 11 European countries, each with a full range of power connections and backup, cooling, fire and water detection, and multi-layer security to protect customer data. All data center Information Security Management and Business Continuity Systems are certified for ISO 27001 and BS25999.


Our Data Center Locations

Our secure data centers located the United States, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

This international presents guarantees our clients that their Mission Critical data is always safe, secure and recoverable where ever they are located throughout the world.

Guaranteeing our clients that their Mission Critical data is always safe, secure and recoverable where ever they are located throughout the world.



  • 10Gbit/sec backbone and 12Gbit/sec of IP transit to the Internet; Internet bandwidth provided over diverse links.
  • Your unloads and downloads are never restricted or throttled
  • Maximum uptime with industry-leading redundancy, resilience and secure



We provide managed power with in-built resilience, allowing extra equipment to be added without outage. Features include:

  • 2N UPS redundancy
  • High density power configurations
  • A full range of AC and DC output currents
  • N+1 backup generators supporting 24 hours at full capacity with 4-hour refuelling



  • All the buildings typically have five layers of physical security
  • Trained security staff are on site 24/7
  • ISO and BS certified for information security management systems


Controlled Environment

  • All equipment is maintained and monitored in a climate-controlled environment
  • We use fire-retardant walls, very early smoke detection apparatus, direct lines to fire stations and automatic gas-based fire suppression systems
  • We have SLAs on temperature and humidity in line with ASHRAE recommendations, and the whole facility is monitored 24/7


Energy Efficiency

  • CWSSecureDrive equipment is powered by 100% renewable energy and we’re committed to the use of sustainable energy.
  • Continuous monitoring of our environments helps us to improve efficiency
  • We employ a phased modular architecture to optimize power usage effectiveness, and we operate to the highest energy efficiency standards