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CWS Secure Drive

CWSSecureDrive is becoming one of the fastest growing and most liked cloud storage and online backup companies on the web today. Here’s why:

CWSSecureDrive is creating cloud storage technology that will revolutionize the way people access their files, photos, music, videos and other digital content. Our vision is simple: don’t store files on your PC, store them on your CWSSecureDrive instead. CWSSecureDrive is your personal storage space on the Internet. It’s unlimited, it’s secure and it’s there forever. With CWSSecureDrive your information is safe and encrypted! You have 24/7 toll free phone support, a 100% money back guarantee and more options than the major backup & storage companies.

We Do It All

CWSSecureDrive offers a full range of services allowing our products to grow with your needs. Backup your computer, sync files across your computers, access your files from the web and more.No other provider offers such a complete range of services – see our full range of home and business products.

The most competitive pricing

Because we’ve got the infrastructure. Many competitors charge a lot more for space than we do because they use third parties to store your data.

Flexible enough for business, easy enough for everyone.

We support large and small businesses as well as professionals, students a and home users. that means we know how to look after our customers and we can adapt to your needs. Our service is second to none and we have what the majors like Carbonite and Mozy to not have such as direct online backup and storage for Smartphones & Tablets.

Built with knowledge, Backed by experience & reputation.

CWSSecureDrive is a division of Computer Warranty Services, LLC,founded in 1999 and very knowledgeable in the fields of computing, online backup & storage & wireless equipment with a management staff with a combined experience totaling over 120 years.

Are cloud backup services HIPAA compliant?

TThe Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) not only protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families, but is also meant to address the security and privacy of health data. Because the electronic transfer of health data is much more efficient and effective, HIPAA requirements strive to create safe standards for these practices. However this does not mean that all online cloud backup and storage companies meet the Security and privacy required by this law.

Are cloud data backup services secure?

Legally, because HIPAA encompasses much more than just data security, online backup services cannot state that they are HIPPA compliant. CWSSecureDrive does contain and conform to or exceed all of the security features required to comply with the strict data protection guidelines HIPAA requires for data that is transmitted to and from our servers.

Does CWSSecureDrive meet or exceed all of the HIPAA required security features?

Yes. CWSSecureDrive cloud backup service utilizes the same AES 256 encryption security measures that the military requires, which is the highest level of security encryption in the industry. Financial institutions require AES128 to protect sensitive data. This means that the data you store with CWSSecureDrive cloud backup service is more secure than your bank account, credit card account information, or other backup services.