Frequently Ask Questions  

QUESTION? : How long does this take to learn how to backup & download to a Smartphone or Tablet?

ANSWER : It can all be learned in a matter of minutes.

QUESTION? : Is there support that comes with this? if so what type?

ANSWER : Yes, there is support, it is 24/7 toll free phone support. See our Contact Us area for phone #’s or emails

QUESTION? : If I buy the backup for my Smartphone can I also use it on my Tablet?

ANSWER : Yes, you can use your account # for both your tablet, smartphone & Netbook.

QUESTION? : If I buy the backup for my Desktop can I also use it on my Laptop?

ANSWER : Yes, you can use your account # for both your Desktop & Laptop.

QUESTION? : Can I use my Desktop or Laptop account for my smartphone & tablet?

ANSWER : No, the reason being is the technology is different when using wireless.

QUESTION? : Does Carbonite or Mozy have backup for Smartphones or Tablets.

ANSWER : Not at this time.

QUESTION? : What is the best email program to use for backups from the standpoint of the CWS backup program. I have Thunderbird. Here are the drawbacks I wish to address. As you may know Thunderbird stores all emails in a Thunderbird folder in a single file on the hard drive. For me this means having a 6 GB file for the sent email, and other files over 1 GB in size for other Thunderbird folders. This is problematic for backups since adding a single email to a Thunderbird folder means backing up a very large file containing every email in the entire Thunderbird folder. A second problem comes if I don’t notice CWS is backing up the file for my Thunderbird Inbox. Since the file is locked by the backup, and I receive a new email while it is backing up Thunderbird will give an error message that it can not save the email and that there is no room on the hard drive. This results in the incoming email being lost and deleted the from the mail server. I’ve lost many incoming emails this way. I suspect an email program that stores each email as a separate file would be desirable because it would require the smallest amount of data transfer for new email received, but I don’t know how all email programs store their data and if any work this way.So this bring me to my question, what email program is best for backups.

ANSWER :As you stated in your email the challenge with Thunderbird and email programs that use the same type file storage strategy is the emails are stored in a single file rather than being an individual email file. The reason for the lock out is that the file has to be locked, so no changes are being made to the file while it is being backed up. Here are a few suggestions: To back up the file, please make sure of the following: – The backup schedule is not set to “realtime”. We suggest changing to an 8-hourly scheduled backup instead. Certain functions required to back up this type of email file cannot occur on “realtime” backups, which means CWSSecureDrive will lock the file in order to back it up Changing the Backup Schedule: —————————— – If you have realtime backup selected, try changing this to an hourly based scan: – Double click on the CWS icon in the system tray at the bottom right hand corner of the screen near the clock, click on the Backup tab, and click on the “Manage Backup” button – Click on the Settings tab, and select “Scheduled Backup. Scan for changes and backup new or changed files every…”. You can put however many hours you would like from 1-48 hours, we would suggest no more than 12. Also, email services that can use Outlook (not Exchange) as the managing software, saves the emails as .PST individual files and make the backup more efficient, and if you have your Scheduled Backup set for other than real time, you should not experience any time when the files lock.

QUESTION? : Does CWSSecureDrive have an app for Amazon Kindle Fire?

ANSWER : The Android app is not currently available for the Kindle Fire.

QUESTION? : How do I recover my data if my hard drive goes bad?

ANSWER :Once you have replaced or repaired your hard drive or use one on another computer go to your personal URL that was assigned to you which ought be (something .www.cwssecuredriveportal.net) then login using your email address and password you had chosen if you forgot your password then click on forgot password and an email from our servers will be sent to you email of record for vitrifaction, verify and then change or update your password and then go to yor main entry URL page and login then down load the software again to the replaced hard drive. Once this is done you are ready to re store, backup or download your data.

QUESTION? : What if I forgot my personal URL to get to my cwssecuredrive site

ANSWER : Call our 24/7 help line at 1-877-614-7181 Option 1 and one of our support techs will be able to give it to you after they verify you. We do not have access or retain your passwords so that if forgotten will have to be re set through your dashboard located at your URL site..

QUESTION? : Why does the dates on the CWSSecureDrive show as future dates.

ANSWER : The dates shown are in international date format as day/month/year rather than the normal US format of month/day/ year.

QUESTION? : I have the CWS task bar monitor window open. The current uploads is none and pending uploads is 33 files. I don’t understand the difference between current uploads and pending uploads. What are the definitions? They seem like the same thing. Thanks.

ANSWER : The definitions are as follows: Current uploads are the number of files that have been sent to CWSSecureDrive in the current upload session. Pending uploads are the number of files you selected to be backed up, but have not yet been sent to CWSSecureDrive. The upload time of the files is based on the broadband connection speed you have with your service provider. When you upload your files the first time, because of the number and size of the files it can take many hours to upload.

QUESTION? : Are all cloud data backup services HIPAA secure?

ANSWER : The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) not only protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families, but is also meant to address the security and privacy of health data. Because the electronic transfer of health data is much more efficient and effective, HIPAA requirements strive to create safe standards for these practices however this does not mean that all online cloud backup and storage companies meet the security and privacy standards required by law

QUESTION? : Are all cloud data backup services HIPAA Compliant?

ANSWER :Legally, because HIPAA encompasses much more than just data security, online backup services cannot state that they are HIPPA compliant. CWSSecureDrive does contain and conform to or exceed all of the security features required to comply with the strict data protection guidelines HIPAA requires for data that is transmitted to and from our servers

QUESTION? : Does CWSSecureDrive meet or exceed all of the HIPAA required security features?

ANSWER : Yes. CWSSecureDrive cloud backup service utilizes the same AES 256 encryption security measures that the military requires, which is the highest level of security encryption in the industry. Financial institutions require AES128 to protect sensitive data. This means that the data you store with CWSSecureDrive cloud backup service is more secure than your bank account, credit card account information, or other backup services.

QUESTION? : How do i verify that my new computer is being backed up after i disposed of my old computer?

ANSWER : There are a few ways to confirm that files are being backed up with CWSSecureDrive. You can go to your personal CWSSecureDrive online portal and look for a specific file that is on your local drive and one from your external hard drive. Then open the file to see that it is there, or send it back to your computer and then open it. This will confirm that the files are being backed up. Also, you can go to the CWSSecureDrive icon in the desktop tray in the bottom right corner of the screen. Select the icon and when the window opens select the Detailed Status button at the bottom. This will show you the files that were uploaded in the last scan. As long as you have selected the document or file folder, there is no reason why they would not be backed up.