Laptop & desktop

Solutions Designed for any Laptop or PC computer! including Apple Products. Unlimited Online Backup & Storage monitors your files as you work, and automatically backs them up as soon as you have saved the file – so you do not need to remember to do the backup, and there is no opportunity of the file to get lost between the time you work on the file and the time you make the backup; as with most backups that are either manually started or start on a set time each day. Buy Now

Unlimited Storage

CWSSecureDrive® Unlimited Online Backup & Storage provides you with true unlimited backup. There is no limit on the number of files you can backup, including your photos, music, and videos.

Retains up to thirty versions

CWSSecureDrive®Unlimited Online Backup & Storage retains the past thirty versions of your files; files that have been deleted from your computer’s hard drive will be maintained in backup for thirty days. You can retrieveor restore these past versions at any time

Easy to Restore Files

Restore your files by simply downloading at anytime from the web interface. Even files that you have deleted from your local hard drive will be available for restore (limited by the thirty versions of data retained online). Use the powerful restore app included with the Unlimited Online Backup service.

Backup files are 100% secure

Military grade encryption and state-of-the-art data centers insure your data files are secure.

Designed to work on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac

The software service is designed to work exactly the same way on either PC or Mac.

Access your files from anywhere

CWSSecureDrive® Unlimited Online Backup & Storage provides you with secure access to all your files from any computer, tablet, or smartphone anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

View documents online

Access all your backed up files through your browser with any Internet connection in the world. Use the app to have mobile access and browse your files from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Never be without your documents or photos. View all your Microsoft Office, iWorks, and PDF files through your Internet connected browser. Simply log into the web portal to view your Microsoft Office documents from your browser, even without MS Office installed. Never sync you music again! Your stored music is always accessible. Play your music from any Internet connected browser, and with the app browse by Artist, Album, Genre, or Year; and stream directly to your web browser  

Browse and Play your music anywhere

Use any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world to browse all your music by album, artist, genre or year. Then use the web portal built in music player to stream your music directly to your web browser.

Photo viewing

Browse your photos thumbnails and play full screen slideshows anywhere in the world.

Video streaming

Stream your videos in any format. Play your videos, whatever their format, stream over 3G or Wi-Fi (even DVD or Blu-ray quality video)! If you have ever attempted to import a video into iTunes you know that it must be in the proper format to stream to your iPhone or iPad.