Program Setup

Congratulations, it is not often in life that you can say that one of the best investments I have made in also one of the least expense. You have just purchased totally unlimited data backup at a ridiculously low price. You can add to the satisfaction of wise purchase decision, the peace of mind knowing you most important, confidential, and even in some cases irreplaceable data, pictures, music and more are completely safe and recoverable if the need should ever arise or if you just need to access them while you are on the go and away from your computer!


Your CWSSecureDrive Personal Portal is the access point to start the simple to use backup service. Shortly you will receive an email with the following:

  • Personal Portal Access URL Link
  • Personal Portal Login and Initial Password(you can change the password as soon as you login to your account)
  • Once you have accessed your Personal Portal:
  • Download the Windows or Apple desktop software
  • Select the files that you want CWSSecureDrive to backup

Within minutes you are securely backing up your files and you never have to go through any additional setup procedure. Your file will then be automatically backed up each time you make a change or add additional data to the file.

You will receive instructions on how to change your password in the email containing your link, login, and password.

If you have additional questions feel free to call our toll free support number at 1-877-614-7181 ext. 722 during normal business hours 9:00am – 5:00pm (MST) or email us at or visit our FAQ area. 

We are currently setting up our 24/7 support line which will be brought into effect within the next two weeks. CWSSecureDrive is the only Backup Service that provides phone support for our customers the others do not.