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CWSSecureDrive® Account Maintenance Notice

  April 16th, 2014 Dear SecureDrive Customer’s, We are going to be performing some required maintenance on our systems during the course of tomorrow April 16th, we don’t expect there to be any impact to customers during this time

If there are any issues they will be at worst a slowdown in your accessing files, any impact will be resolved within a few minutes.

We always endeavor to provide as much warning as possible for any maintenance work.


This is an extremely important announcement from CWSSecureDrive® regarding a service enhancement to your Personal Cloud Backup Portal. The changes made are part of the Computer Warranty Services ongoing commitment to make CWSSecureDrive® suite of cloud backup and storage products the easiest and most efficient for our customers.

This enhancement does not have any effect on your backed up data or permanently stored data currently residing in the CWSSecureDrive® cloud or the automatic backing up process that you have set up on our computer. This enhancement simply makes accessing your Personal Backup Portal easier and makes some back-end preparations for possible future upgrades.


Effective immediately begin using the following modified URL to access your CWSSecureDrive® Personal Cloud Backup Portal. Your password remains the same that you have set it up to be.

Finally, we want to apologize for the lack of any advance notice of this change being made, we normally provide a 3-5 day notification before making any enhancements.

Thank you for your understanding and trusting CWSSecureDrive® to protect your data. If you have any questions contact:

Customer Service at 877-614-7181 x711 or email or call Ron Keiser at or phone 1-877-614-7181 ext. 722 North American toll free or for International dial direct: 011+208-855-0796