Tablet & Smartphone

CWSSecureDrivePlus® for Smartphones, Tablets & Netbooks CWSSecureDrivePlus® for Tablets & Smartphones is Designed especially for Tablet & Smartphone Direct Connect Cloud Backup & Storage includes the powerful access-anywhere feature and sync files functionality that let you use your files wherever you maybe. Buy Now

Sync Files

Sync files between your Tablet or Smartphone with your computer, PC or Mac (computers must be on Plan) or just backup & store to your online account or both. CWSSecureDrivePlus® appears as a new drive on your Tablet or Smartphone, allowing you to use your online Backup & Storage just like an external hard drive. Send photos straight to your favorite social networks, without the need to upload to each site individually.

Email Files

Email files to your CWSSecureDrivePlus® Plan account and they are automatically stored online and synced between your computers. (computers must be on Plan) Fast data transfers, advanced technology maximize the speed of your transfers and bandwidth is never throttled.

Ftp Support

Full FTP support to easily upload, download, and access to all of your files, including support of FTP resume.

Share Files

Share any file publicly or privately with friends, family or colleagues from your Premium Plus Plan – no more emailing large files

Edit in Browser

Edit files from any web browser. Edits are synced to all of your computers. (computers must be on the Plan).