I’m impressed with what you’ve done with your product and like the pricing. I think Dropbox and Carbonite are overpriced and (in the case of Carbonite) provide a sub-par product. You’ve combined the best of both of them – making you the best kept secret in town. That situation really needs to change. Greg
I have looked at Carbonite and Mozy for my backup and storage requirements and then heard about your product and was quite impressed with the functionality and the price as well as the fact that you have better online security then the others and you give me my money back with no questions ask if I do not like it. Tom
It is very important to me that I use a backup and storage product that has the best online security available and seeing that yours is HIPPA Compliant says it all. Thanks for thinking of us Professionals that require the best and most secure and have to have this by law. Janice
Your CWSSecureDrive/Plus is just what I needed for backing up and storing data on my iPhone. Being able to upload and download directly to the cloud servers any where I am is just terrific, it is so simple to use and so hassle free. Good product Betsey
You hit it out of the ball park with this one, great job.

Send us your thought on our product and let others know what you think of it, we would appreciate it very much as would others. Bill Crawford

CWS Admin.